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Acne Bootcamp

Have you been struggling with acne?

Trust me, I’ve been there! I have struggled with acne in the past and know first hand how it can play a role in your self-esteem. This is why I am so passionate when it comes to treating acne!
I am a trained and certified Acne Specialist that will partner with you to design your in-clinic and homecare plan. This bootcamp is designed to get you clear within 3-6 months! I will educate you on acne triggers, your acne type, how to heal your skin, and give you the tools you need! This is not a “quick fix”. Your commitment is required in order to achieve amazing results!

Here’s an overview of the Acne Bootcamp


1st- The Consultation + First Treatment
A thorough discussion of how the program works, what is required of you, and a personalized treatment plan to target your skin type and concern. You will have access to an exclusive take-home packet loaded with beneficial information. This consultation is a requirement to join the Acne Bootcamp.
2nd- Homecare
We will customize a skincare routine for your acne type.
**Homecare will usually consist of: a Cleanser, Toner, AM & PM Acne Serums, Moisturizer, and SPF.
**Average cost for your first set of products is $100-$200 so keep that in mind before booking your consultation.
**You will not get results without following homecare guidelines.
3rd- Treatments
These will be performed bi-weekly or monthly, depending on your grade of acne.
Treatment Includes:
  • Cleanse
  • Skin Analysis
  • Exfoliation/Peel
  • Extractions
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Moisturizer & SPF
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